Bernie Sanders Town Hall

Bernie Sanders Town Hall tonight @ 9:00 EST. Livestream on CNN, and at

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on JPR's performance ( It makes us feel a little more secure, although there are still some problems to fix!

Please let us know how JPR is working (or not) from your computer:

Please let us know how JPR is working (or not) from your computer:

Naughty bot

Sorry for the recent slowness... turns out that a bot had been reloading the same page, 60,000+ times today. Bad bot! Now a blocked bot, I think.

Warning Comrades!

Warning Comrades! JPR has been outed as Russian propaganda:


Read this, important:

System going down for 15 min

We're bringing the system down for 15 min, starting at 8:00 Pacific, to run a check on the database. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Activity stream problem

Activity tracking has stopped working properly for unknown reasons. I'll be taking the site down for a 15 minutes at 9 AM Pacific to do a check, then will be troubleshooting tonight. No estimate on when it'll be fixed, hopefully soon!

Sorry we’re slow

Sorry for the slows... I'm trying out some new caffeinated hamster feed, keep your fingers' crossed...

#%*^ You!

Please be nice to each other on JPR. We may get some visitors that we know from the old days. Use facts, not #%*^s. We'll boot 'em if they suck.