DU’s been hacked

Site Voldemort has been hacked, user data may have been swiped... for more info, see Matariki's Daily Radical post.


Well. Here we are.

Sorry guys

PLEASE CLICK LESS STUFF. Sorry guys. Site swamped. Very slow. More than 7,000 unique visitors today. Frank talk about hamsters coming soon. At least Putin is a man of his word, he didn't take us down.

Slow down!

Hey! Our site is overloaded with real people, PLEASE try to click stuff a little less often. And we're getting attacked by bots, but they seem to be getting stopped. Yes, some site run by three white guys is down, and it's Hillarious. DON'T POST ABOUT IT HERE, we'll delete it, it's against our standards and we don't need more traffic, honest!

DDoS Protection may get turned on

To combat evil bots, we may turn on DDOS protection; when on, you'll get a Cloudflare page announcing you'll be delayed 5 seconds while it checks you out.

DDOS Protection Turned Off

We turned the DDOS protection back off. While on, it caught a number of bots and things are working much better now. Let's hope things stay better!

Turned on DDOS protection

We turned on the DDOS protection because something fishy was happening again. That means that you'll see a Cloudflare page that says "Checking your browser before accessing jackpineradicals.com." sometimes. It's expected behavior, not the NSA or similar.


Lots of traffic again today, and there may be some mischief afoot. DDOS protection turned back off for now, let's see how things go.

Maintenance not done

Sorry, the temp hamsters who were supposed to help out tonight didn't show. So things may get a little slow during the debate... Token White Guy apologizes in advance.

Clinton Foundation fundraiser

Effective IMMEDIATELY: Manny will contribute $1.00 to the @#$%ing Clinton Foundation each time he sees a personal attack on JPR. Yes, that includes people who you just know are trolls.