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    All Dutch Trains Now Run 100% On Wind Power

    Electric trains have always been a relatively sustainable mode of transport, with much lower emissions than cars, but as of the 1st of January, 2017, all electric train rides in the Netherlands have become even greener. They are now entirely powered by clean, renewable, wind energy.

    Dutch railway companies, of which NS is by far the largest, teamed up with energy company Eneco in 2015 to cut train ride emissions drastically. Originally, 2018 was set as the target for changing to 100% renewable power sources. After having reached 75% in 2016, though, the 100% transition was completed one year ahead of schedule.


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    1. Excellent!

    European countries leading the way on many things.  Reduced packaging, solar, transport, free college, chef cooked school lunches.

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    2. inspiring!

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    3. trains have the big advantage of not needing to climb 20-30,000 feet

    the shorter the flight the less time they can spend at their most-efficient cruse speed and level, so anything under 500 mi is basically a loss-leader

    and trains can take any sort of power, from coal to electricity

    https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09TEGUCIGALPA645_a.html (Third Way = Bell Curve)
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      4. does that also explain why the dutch have nicer trains than hours?


      even though warren buffett owns Burlington northern and could easily upgrade it but instead is strikebreaking?

      run down piece of crap graffiti plagued cars; it’s all about the oil trains to china

      babbling about how much less he pays in taxes than his secretary gets him some brownie points with the rubes but it doesn’t change his cutthroat ways

      and his buddy bill is the biggest shareholder in Canadian national rw

      the commentary explains that bill is just an investor, while warren *runs* his rr

      bs: for both, it’s all about moving coal, oil and other fuels through Canada and the west to china — in tandem

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        5. Dutch gasoline isn't kept artificially low by Congress pouring money

        into the highway funds to spare the pump prices from paying for the roads they use; the Netherlands doesn’t have well-funded butthurt histrionics whenever a rail line gets proposed; the Netherlands knows that if Elon Musk proposes a transport technology and then doesn’t put any of his money into it then it’s a scam

        and so on it goes

        https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09TEGUCIGALPA645_a.html (Third Way = Bell Curve)
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          6. good explanations; agreed

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            7. the real kicker is that the most anti-Amtrak Senators are from states dependent

            on it; they want even MORE service to TX and the West because their constituents are spread-out and can’t afford to drive to the regional airport and get extorted by the airlines

            it’s a very neat three-card monte: Amtrak gets the blame, the blue states put up the money while allowing themselves to be called welfare queens by the dependent red states, and the Senators get all the credit for having wrestled the Federal beast to the ground and forced it to give up what rightfully belongs to the people (ditto Cruz and his endless demands for flood relief for only one state)

            Trump’s sorta dispelled that illusion, since he’s pro-Amtrak and got his voters to admit they were the ones really on the dole (and he was going to raise it)

            https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09TEGUCIGALPA645_a.html (Third Way = Bell Curve)
            • FanBoy (4586 posts)
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              8. that's why amtrak was established — so it could get the blame without

              having the funds to upgrade

              same reason they put so many restriction on the US Postal service

              I doubt trump will do a damn thing different — he’s already reneging on his “anti-war” bullshit, looks to me like

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        9. Amtrak – Regretably – Has Become A Joke – Rough Rails – Rough Ride


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          10. reflection of the joke that those who created it have always been