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    Brilliant Light Power's SunCell Announced on CNN International

    Published on Jan 1, 2017
    January 1, 2017: CNN International’s announcement of the SunCell, the world’s new energy source that releases massive power by conversion of hydrogen to dark matter.

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    2. IMHO (and several Nobel prize winners), it's a complete scam.

    Critics say it lacks corroborating scientific evidence, and is a relic of cold fusion. Critical analysis of the claims have been published in the peer reviewed journals Physics Letters A, New Journal of Physics, Journal of Applied Physics, and Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. These works note that the proposed theory is inconsistent with quantum mechanics, and that the proposed hydrino states are unphysical and incompatible with key equations that have been experimentally verified many times.

    In 1999, the Nobel prize winning physicist Philip Warren Anderson said he is “sure that it’s a fraud”,[6] and in the same year another Nobel prize winning physicist, Steven Chu, called it “extremely unlikely”.[7] In 2009, IEEE Spectrum magazine characterized it as a “loser” technology because “[m]ost experts don’t believe such lower states exist, and they say the experiments don’t present convincing evidence” and mentioned that Wolfgang Ketterle had said the claims are “nonsense”.[8] BLP has announced several times that it was about to deliver commercial products based on Mill’s theories but has not delivered a working product.[8]


    The whole thing reeks. I followed a similar story, the E-Cat (Andrea Rossi), for, literally, years. Every year, he would announce that there was a megawatt scale system that was being trialed in secret. After five years, they still haven’t shown anything. I think Brilliant light sounds more like a Cold Fusion scam than an interesting anomaly, like the EM Drive.

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      3. Oh, and CNN bought this load of BS. But, they have no credibility anyway. nt

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    4. This is utter nonsense.

    Sorry @marym625 , but this fails every scientific smell test even worse than cell phone radiation garbage.

    However, since the media wouldn’t know their collective asses from holes in the ground as far as ‘science’ goes, it’ll stick around like cold fusion, and of course cancer from cell phones and power lines.

    Hydrino’s fail every test in quantum that has been used so far.

    Edit: "Bite me" was suggested by Deadpool. What I meant to say is "Hey Deadpool!!!  Bite me."
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      5. Oh well!

      That’s why I called you scientist types to the post.

      If it sounds too good to be true, sadly, it probably is not true.