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  • grasswire (230 posts)
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    Did you see what Joan Walsh said about us?

    By “us” I mean Berners. She tweeted that most Berners on twitter are FAKE or CRAZY.


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  • Colors of the Rainbow (740 posts)
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    1. Joan Walsh is about three things…

    1. Money

    2. Career

    3. Joan Walsh

    • VoiceOfReason (277 posts)
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      2. Never heard of her


  • Pinebox (261 posts)
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    4. Joan Walsh is an idiot

    And she took a beating on twitter for her comments.


    • CalvinballPro (15 posts)
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      5. I think you've confused "took a beating" with "got a lot of ignored mentions"

      Twitter is nothing but a lot of people talking past each other.  The idea that there’s some kind of group consensus, on any subject, is just silly.

  • frylock (1007 posts)
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    6. It's cute how folks who were wrong on just about everything..

    believe they have any credibility whatsoever.

    • The Crone (2184 posts)
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      14. This^^^^^^ n/t

      America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
  • Babel 17 (1835 posts)
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    7. As long as they can cling to their privilege, the establishment won't change

    “When a creature has developed into one thing, he will choose death rather than change into his opposite.”

    The party can keep losing the House, Governorships, and state legislatures, forever, and they’ll still prosper.

    This year we see them as having lost the Senate again, and now the Presidency, but they are still living in luxury. Some functionaries might now have to dip their toes in the semi-real world, but I’m guessing many have a long list of contacts to reach out to.

    It actually helps them being out of power, as they can portray themselves as besieged, and always in need of emergency fund raising, and having to write desperate appeals.

    And of course that way they never have to answer why they didn’t have a vote on the actual parts of the party platform. They can only claim that they can’t chew gum and walk for so long.

  • Major Hogwash (922 posts)
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    8. She was really drunk at the time.

    Well, that would be the excuse I would make if I were her!

  • Satan (1047 posts)
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    9. Joan Walsh is a career Hillbot

    She hated Obama and his supporters as much in 2008 as she hates Bernie and his supporters now. The only difference is she was able to let her anti-Barry hate go after the 2008 primaries, after somebody finally clued her in that he also played for Team DLC.

    Bernie, on the other horn, has never played for the Al From squad, so he’s still a viable target for PUMA obsession.

    Fuck Trump, Fuck the "Alt Right", and Fuck anybody who defends either one. Oh, and Fuck Hillary too.
    • SoapBox (353 posts)
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      13. Ditto.

      Fuck Walsh.

  • TRex (1185 posts)
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    10. Never heard of her.

    Sorry but I don't do Red vs Blue garbage or accept propaganda just because you like the country in question. If this is how you roll, ignore me I want nothing to do with you.
  • Piperay (378 posts)
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    11. I can't stand her, she's a total Hillbot and hates everyone who isn't one.


  • Carolina (306 posts)
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    12. JW is just

    another Hillary Harpie… full of shrill hot air

  • senz (3666 posts)
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    15. She's hopelessly warped.

    100% Hillbot.  I was shocked that The Nation hired her.

    How about we petition our elected representatives to draw up and pass a bill overturning the 1996 Telecom Act?     https://www.donaldjtrump.com/press-releases/statement-on-monopoly-power-of-new-media-conglomerates
  • Cleita (1681 posts)
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    16. She needs to look in the mirror.

  • UnicornOnTheCob (730 posts)
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    17. Well

    As a cartoon rabbit that’s preoccupied with stealing breakfast cereal from children, I find the accusation of being fake and crazy quite offensive.