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    Google Home makes a guest appearance on Modern Family to the absolute delight…


    By Rita El Khoury

    Modern Family’s resident nerd and geek, the awkwardly and adorably funny Phil Dunphy is no stranger to hot gadgets and new technology products that we all drool over. In the last Modern Family episode, Phil seems to have decked the Dunphy house with some Google love: there’s a Google Home right on the kitchen counter and it’s not just there for show, it’s also part of the plot — albeit a very small part.

    Toward the start of The Alliance episode (season 8, episode 8), Claire talks about the romantic Italian movie she and Phil watched the evening before. Phil then turns toward Google Home and says, “OK Google, play the soundtrack to Spaghetti for Pepe.” The nice female voice in Home answers him and starts playing some Italian-sounding music.

    FULL story: http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/12/06/google-home-makes-guest-appearance-modern-family-absolute-delight-phil/

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    1. When Phil starts becoming aware that Google is listening to them talk

    And starts becoming paranoid about it, that’ll be a great episode. :)

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    3. getting creepy enough for folks yet?