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Home Main Forums Latest Breaking News Honda recalls another 772,000 vehicles with faulty airbags

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  • dorkzilla (2042 posts)
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    1. shit, hubby's car

    thanks for the info!

  • HawkeyeX (618 posts)
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    2. I just leased a 2016 CRV Touring Edition

    Love it.. still a few things to learn about it.

  • exindy (787 posts)
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    3. Look at all the money they saved

    when they shutdown their company controlled airbag division and outsourced the production to a 3rd party. So did so many other companies.

    Straight from the HBS model. Anything to increase short term profits.

    And those companies now are shackled to a supply chain that they can only leverage based on contracts.

    In the snooze yesterday I once again saw how many “American” car companies build cars in America… wait, they didn’t say build, they said assemble.

    MBAs, brilliant at making profits, totally inept at making quality and reliable products.