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  • Bluerose (77 posts)
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    1. That would be

    the greatest news!!!😁

  • Purveyor (2385 posts)
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    2. If he would do that and recognize the State of Palestine,

    he would be leaving on a good note with me.


  • Marym625 (13738 posts)
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    3. Oh that's too much to hope!

    She’s suffered more than enough.

    Please, do the right thing President Obama

  • TRex (1594 posts)
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    4. That should be mandatory and he should tell her what a patriot she is

    for enduring political corruption in the military. He won’t.

    I never promised you a rose garden.
    • elias39 (2253 posts)
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      5. Of course he won't. The bastard thinks this will somehow make us all forgive

      his advocacy for an information state and for putting whistle-blowers in prison. I suppose some might argue that saving one  is better than none. True. But the motivation is so pathetic.

      “Name, no, nothing is nameable, tell, no, nothing can be told, what then, I don't know, I shouldn't have begun.” ― Samuel Beckett, Stories and Texts for Nothing
      • TRex (1594 posts)
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        6. I hear there are still people rotting away in Gitmo.

        Obama needs to give back that NPP.

        I never promised you a rose garden.