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    The ClintonDNC prefers war instead of quietly retiring with the 99%'s cash. Let's give 'em war, good and hard.

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    If You Live in Oklahoma TX NY NJ FL CA Get Out NOW!

    Published on Jun 9, 2016  Josh Tolley РNew twist on Civil Forfeiture Laws they can now take money out of your bank accounts with a handy new gadget where the device maker gets a cut too. Federal Program was scaled back for the election but not any state programs and I am sure that they only find they have to take the money from people from out of state to keep the scam going.


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  • Hobbit709 (1410 posts)
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    1. What money?

    I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing
  • tiamat (671 posts)
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    2. What device?

  • Marym625 (13884 posts)
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    3. This is just unbelievable

    I guess it’s how they pay the cops for ridding the country of minorities.

    Fuck this insanity

  • zoolook67 (452 posts)
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    4. This is yet another side benefit

    of the “war on drugs”.

    Living well is the best revenge.
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    5. As far as I can tell this works on prepaid cards only

    They can’t scan your debit or credit cards and steal all your money. They can only grab up your prepaid cards.