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    ‘Insane, ridiculous, embarrassing’: Abby Martin blasts RT ‘bashing’ by ODNI rept


    “Former RT journalist Abby Martin has blasted the US intelligence agencies’ ODNI report along with the New York Times for publishing “egregious lies” about her and RT”

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  • TRex (1162 posts)
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    1. For those unfamiliar, the NYT is the state run media for the CIA.

    So nobody should be shocked the NYT is angry at the Kremlin.

    Sorry but I don't do Red vs Blue garbage or accept propaganda just because you like the country in question. If this is how you roll, ignore me I want nothing to do with you.
    • The Crone (2159 posts)
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      6. NYT is indeed CIA, but doesn't hesitate

      To shill for Wall Street in its spare time.

      America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
  • Marym625 (11959 posts)
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    2. Excellent. She hit the nail on the head

    This should go viral.

    Unbelievable that the NYT has the gall to write a story about a journalist without even trying to contact her.

    Talk about propaganda

  • Satan (1039 posts)
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    3. The Hillbot apologists are blaming Abby Martin for Hillary losing the election..

    …even though her show on RT ended two years ago! (Miss it too, it was a great show. And sadly, Telesur English (her current network) isn’t so easy to find here in Hell.

    Fuck Trump, Fuck the "Alt Right", and Fuck anybody who defends either one. Oh, and Fuck Hillary too.
  • whispers (847 posts)
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    4. Great Job, Abby!!

    "There is no god higher than truth."  Gandhi
  • Koko (1885 posts)
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    5. Can't recommend this enough!

    Those of us who watched Abby’s launch of her show on RT all the way through to when she left know that this is exactly what happened.  NYT’s and WaPo have become propaganda tools for their own “Deep State.” Both keep putting false info out to their readers and when caught they are forced to correct…after the damage has been done in defaming honest journalists.

    Glenn Greenwald recently posted (with examples) the distortions the WaPo has done with comments he’s made in his articles and recently to Julian Assange comments in an interview.  As with the NYT the WaPo only corrects after the falesehoods have been broadcast all over the internet for days or weeks as Truth.  When they correct or retract no one is interested in reading about it because it’s now old news and people have already moved on to the next outrage.

    From the Article:

    “The so-called paper of record,” Martin explained, “hadn’t even bothered to reach out” to her before publishing the story.

    In reality, Martin voiced her views over Russia’s involvement in Crimea during an episode of “Breaking the Set.” While her statements garnered global press coverage, Martin remained working for RT for a full year after her statements, continuing to voice her opinions and disagreements with Russia’s actions in Ukraine and in relation to the downing of Flight MH-17.

  • The Crone (2159 posts)
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    7. Damn You, Abby Martin.

    Despite the fact that most Americans have never heard of RT, you still managed to take away the free will of the majority of us, possibly through ear worms transmitted into our brains via the Russian government’s extremely low frequency  woodpecker transmissions.

    I feel so much safer now that you’ve been outed as a traitor. Never again will we Americans be influenced against our will into divesting the Presidency from the grasp of a well meaning white woman who was willing to donate her vagina to the Oval Office for the next four years.

    And not just her vagina, but also her Foundation, and all her experiences in bringing democracy to Haiti, the Honduras, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia too. Just as I did after installing Windows Ten on  my computer, I shuttered when thinking about all the potential for democracy that this nation has lost as we bid a fond adieu to Hillary Clinton!

    BTW, Ms Martin, insider sources are alerting me to the fact that the New York Times is about to retract its earlier story about Saddam Hussein and his possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Although such a retraction might be “too little, too late” for the people of Iraq, the Truth must eventually come out. I suggest, Ms Martin, that if  you know  what is good for you, that you will immediately hand those weapons over to Pres Obama, before he decides to drone your sorry ass. (If that must be the last thing he gets to do as President.)

    America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!