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Home Main Forums Multimedia JDS: (Hillarious) Russian Hacking Absolutely NOT Confirmed By Intel Agencies

  • Passionate Progressive (786 posts)
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    JDS: (Hillarious) Russian Hacking Absolutely NOT Confirmed By Intel Agencies

    In short Dore focuses on the disclaimers which discredit the contents.  This would be funny if the intel establishment weren’t put on such high pedestals.

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  • MrMickeysMom (837 posts)
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    1. Were I to still watch CNN, MSNBC, and rest of those chuckle heads…

    I’d have to see them deliver this as “news” with those quotes and disclaimers, which is a banner of insanity. It’s like saying, “Here’s the latest poorly sourced horse manure that allows us air time and to continue our car and pharmaceutical commercials.”

    Rachel Maddow must not own a mirror anymore.

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