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  • Aerows (2658 posts)
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    Keep me in your thoughts emergency surgery

    I knew I was passing a kidney stone, didn’t know I was about to go septic. Surgery tonight, send healing thoughts.



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    • NJCher (1480 posts)
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      1. oh dear, Aerows

      I’ll be lighting a white candle for you this evening.


    • Spanishprof27 (88 posts)
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      2. Sending positive thoughts.

    • roguevalley (1178 posts)
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      3. You have them, dear one

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    • Pam (804 posts)
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      4. !!!

      Scary, good luck.


    • Haikugal (4641 posts)
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      5. You'll be in my thoughts Aerows…soon you'll be on the mend and out of pain I

      hope! :hug:

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    • Octafish (2864 posts)
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      6. Godspeed, Aerows!

      More interesting robots and donuts here:


      Get well soon, Aerows! And make sure the doc knows if the pain meds are doing their job.


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    • LuckyDog (640 posts)
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      7. Aerows,

      you know we miss you when you aren’t here.

      Get past this and return to action soon.

      I’m counting on you.

    • Cleita (1872 posts)
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      8. Oh, I hope all goes well. Healing vibes going your way.

    • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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      9. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way.


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    • goodgirl (2169 posts)
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      10. Transmitting now, my friend.


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    • Land of Enchantment (5123 posts)
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      11. I hope everything goes well for you and am sending healing vibes.


            "Hope is the feathered thing that perches in your heart." ~ Emily Dickinson  
    • Totally Liberal Dem (1469 posts)
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      12. Oh, hell yes!

      In my thoughts big time.  Get well soon!

    • Eggar (1133 posts)
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      13. I'm so Sorry you Have to go Through This

      May you come back to us Refreshed & Cleansed from all that Aisles you!






    • nenagh (106 posts)
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      14. Sending healing thoughts dear Aerows…

      from just north of the St Lawrence River…

    • Mom Cat (6041 posts)
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      15. Ouch! Those are a real pain!

      Get good antibiotics!

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    • arikara (861 posts)
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      16. Best wishes to you, Aerows

      And I’m sure you’ll feel better in no time.

    • Phlem (398 posts)
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      17. Sending positive thoughts.

      Nothing but success to you. :)

    • PennLawyer (1817 posts)
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      18. We will be anxiously be waiting to hear how you're doing!

    • pacalo (73 posts)
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      19. Sending positive vibes to Aerows. . .

    • Hari (1025 posts)
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      20. Sending healing thoughts, Aerows.

    • no retreat no surrender (1032 posts)
      Profile photo of no retreat no surrender Donor

      21. I feel your pain

      I had two lithotripsy’s last year because my stones fused together. If my stone would have been just a tiny bit bigger I would have had to have surgery too. I got in just under the wire for lithotripsy. Broke it up some but I still have pieces of that giant stone still there. Thinking of you and wishing you well. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it go away. :(

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    • Gryneos (1062 posts)
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      22. Good vibes and good luck

      I know the feeling for the stones, but not the other. It’s good they discovered before the sepsis, and that you’re getting the care you need.


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    • libodem (970 posts)
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      23. Thoughts, prayers and love vibes

      May the Goddess watch over you.

    • whispers (1071 posts)
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      24. May all go well and you heal quickly.

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    • Melissa G (822 posts)
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      25. Healing thoughts sent!

    • glinda (1527 posts)
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      26. Sending you healing thoughts and waiting to hear from you.

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    • caliny (1101 posts)
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      27. My thoughts are with you Aerows

      Hope all goes well.  Sending healing thoughts

      :hug: :hug:

    • faultindicator (571 posts)
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      28. Many times good thoughts toward your health

      and quick return to health are sent.

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    • Art from Ark (1729 posts)
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      29. Hang in there!

    • Manny Goldstein (1643 posts)
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      30. You're togher than a kidney stone

      And will pass through the surgery with ease.

    • HIP56948 (1600 posts)
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      31. I'm hoping that as I write this, you're in dreamland having great dreams.

      You’ll wake up tomorrow and think  “Yes!, it’s over!”

    • madfloridian (1346 posts)
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      32. Hugs.

      :hug: :hug:

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    • Enthusiast (5976 posts)
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      33. All my best to you, Aerows.

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    • mmonk (523 posts)
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      34. Best of luck.

    • Samantha (579 posts)
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      35. I hope all goes well with your surgery, Aerows

      Perhaps  you have some soothing music you can listen to during your hospital visit.  I hope you will let us know how things go.  Good wishes coming your way.


    • Marooned (797 posts)
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      36. Oh boy! Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery!



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    • dlegendary1 (725 posts)
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      37. Will do Aerrows!

      Rest up and be well! Its all good!

    • bobthedrummer (1585 posts)
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      38. You'll heal fast, my friend!

      All power to the People.
    • ChiciB1 (440 posts)
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      39. Wishing You All The Best And Hope You Have A Speedy Recovery!

    • The Crone (2756 posts)
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      40. Hope you have a speedy recovery

      With decent drugs and no infection.

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    • nenagh (106 posts)
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      41. Thinking of you today Aerows…

      sending healing thoughts…

    • Hotler (328 posts)
      Profile photo of Hotler

      42. Septis is nothing to fuck around with.

      It kills a lot of people. Healing vibes coming your way. I hope all goes well and wish you a speedy recovery. Get lots of rest.

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      • closeupready (547 posts)
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        46. Absolutely. And it can kill SO FAST. I'm glad Aerows took care of it!


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    • Aerows (2658 posts)
      Profile photo of Aerows Donor

      43. I'm *finally* home

      I went back and read my posts, and I clearly wasn’t all the coherent.  I think I was drugged out of my mind for about a week.

      By the time they admitted me there wasn’t really even time to open my mouth before I was in surgery.  They didn’t tell me at first what the result of the scan was, but obviously it wasn’t good, because away I went.

      Any way, thanks for the well wishes.  You can’t keep this bad penny from turning up again ;)

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      • Gryneos (1062 posts)
        Profile photo of Gryneos

        44. Woohoo! :)

        It’s good to see you back. Take your time recuperating, too 

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    • Xyzse (1654 posts)
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      45. I am so sorry to hear this.

      I didn’t know.

      Hoping for a speedy recovery.  Drop us a line.