• War.

    The ClintonDNC prefers war to quietly retiring with the 99%'s cash. Let's give 'em war, good and hard.

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    1. you're on the Spotlight!

    Thank you MistaP!

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    2. & remember OC, you can validly write in Bernie himself too – if you want!


    Don’t forget, for anyone who may wish to …

    You can validly vote for Our Candidates Themselves in California, Bernie + Tulsi.

    By filling in the ‘Write-In’ option rectangle on the ballot;

    + writing EITHER ‘Bernard Sanders’ or ‘Bernie Sanders’ (if you wish & haven’t voted as yet) on the blank line to its right –

    your vote WILL be counted toward Bernie for President and Tulsi Gabbard for Vice President as a W/I.

    It’s supposed to be posted at the polling places, too; & ……. let people know, if you’re inspired to!

    November 8, 2016, General Election
    Certified List of Write-In Candidates



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    3. It's blue now