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    Maybe we need some Christopher Walken

    I need some smiles:


    What do I have to do here.  Good night all.

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  • elias39 (1876 posts)
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    1. I can get behind this!

    “Name, no, nothing is nameable, tell, no, nothing can be told, what then, I don't know, I shouldn't have begun.” ― Samuel Beckett, Stories and Texts for Nothing
  • mmonk (313 posts)
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    2. Thanks. I shared it on FB.

  • whispers (849 posts)
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    3. Thank you. That was great.

    Love Christopher Walken!!

    "There is no god higher than truth."  Gandhi
  • kliljedahl (121 posts)
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    4. I think we need more cowbell


    "Actually lots of things happen after you die, just none of them include you..." Louis CK
    • StupidRedhead (1992 posts)
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      7. yep what we need is more cow bell

  • djean111 (2348 posts)
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    5. That's funny! Still love Weapon of Choice the bestest, though!

    You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
  • Babel 17 (1826 posts)
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    6. One more