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    Michael Tubbs – Mayor Stockton California

    I heard this guy speak at the Stockton Bernie rally. He was wonderful, impressive, progressive and confident.

    Stockton, California is one of the many towns hit hard by the recession caused by the oligarchs. They desperately need a Mayor who cares.

    Michael Tubbs

    I’ve championed reforms to improve police community relations, increased investment in the underserved areas of Stockton, increased opportunity for youth, and created coalitions with local, statewide and national interests to address our most pressing issues. I seek to deepen this impact as Mayor of Stockton.

    Our children deserve every opportunity to realize their potential as I was able to do. I’m running to revitalize our neighborhoods, attract good paying jobs, increase safety through community policing, and bring innovation into our civic life and local economy. I am running because I am confident that together we can reinvent Stockton.




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    1. Stockton was right in line with foreclosures up the wazzu next to….

    …San Bernadino. San Bernadino, Riverside and  a majority of the Inland Empire really took it in the shorts. Before leaving Sacramento to move to this location, there was tons of warehouse space available for someone to lease. I would always drive on one street that had many of these concrete structures, most all of the loading docks had no trucks parked in front at all. The ones being rented did have trucks. I really feel for those in Stockton. It was not their fault. It got to the point I could not stand the Sacramento Bee to read about another depressing story on the economy. Seriously. Had subscription for awhile but ended it when I couldn’t take it any more.  Stockton is a nice area. Hot in August, but nice scenery.

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      2. Yes, it is a nice area

      But you can see the depression everywhere.

      I hope he wins today