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    Mother Elephant Digs For 11 Hours Straight To Free Her Baby

    There are stories heard all over the world about mothers performing incredible feats of strength to save their children, and for this elephant the story is exactly the same.

    After finding her calf trapped inside a well, this mother refused to leave until her baby was safe. She dug for 11 hours straight, and after some help from the neighboring people of the area, her child was finally safe and free.

    The mother elephant did everything she could think of in order to dig herself closer to her calf. She used her feet, her trunk, and everything in between. However, with her frantic attempts to save the baby, she actually pushed more dirt and mud into the hole to trap the calf even more.

    In a desperate attempt to help the mother elephant, people living nearby from the Chatra district in India used a cart of bananas to lure the anxious elephant away just long enough for them to dig away some of the ground trapping the calf.

    FULL story and video: http://blog.therainforestsite.com/amazing-elephant-rescue/?

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  • NJCher (1358 posts)
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    1. that is an amazing, very touching story

    Animals are magnificent beings and we don’t give them enough credit–for their intelligence, their perception, their ability to care.

    Human version of this story:  when I was a little kid, maybe around 6 or 7, I was playing in my sandbox. My brother, a year younger than I,  got into my dad’s car, turned the keys, and drove over me. The car lurched onto the sandbox with me under it. My mother saw it happen from a window inside the house, and rushed out. She not only had the presence of mind to turn off the car, she lifted the car off the ground and got me from underneath.

    I had to go to the hospital, but I wasn’t injured.

    My mom is not a big person. She is only about 140 lbs, 5’7″. Certainly not a weightlifter, but she was on that particular day.


    • Marym625 (13708 posts)
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      2. Omd. That just made me cry

      How frightened she must have been. I’m glad there was a happy ending

  • Marym625 (13708 posts)
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    3. Amazing

    I wish I understood what they were saying.

    I watched the next video that popped up. Just as special

  • Shlabotnik (439 posts)
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    4. OMG

    That must have been so traumatic and anxious. So relieved it turned out well.

    ~ All Good things are Wild and Free ~
  • Hawkowl (1189 posts)
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    5. Wonderful

    Beautiful, loving, sentient creatures. I’m glad some humans got to help them.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Burke