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    Must hear;Mark hamill reads Donald trump tweet as the joker

    Only 30 seconds……… but wow it makes sense.


    Mark Hamill, who, in addition to Star Wars, has been quietly doing excellent voice work as the Joker in Batman cartoons and video games

    He read a real tweet




    OMG………… We Want more Mark!!!!

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    1. may the force be with us

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    2. Communication: 80% body language, 15% vocal tone, 5% actual words.


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    3. I wonder if he'll get the Flash television show screenwriters…

    … to also say those lines for his role or other Trump lines as the Trickster in a coming episode there!  :)  Perhaps when he gets asked to identify himself by cops in that show he could initially say that he’s the “Trumpster” instead!

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