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Home Topics in Depth Science And Environment Norway will become the first country in the world to switch off FM radio

  • leftcoastmountains (1486 posts)
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    Norway will become the first country in the world to switch off FM radio

    FM radio broadcasting was invented in the United States in 1933. After a slow start, it became wildly popular all around the world, largely because the frequency modulation technology used offered better sound quality than the existing amplitude modulation (AM) transmissions.

    But the era of FM radio may be coming to an end. After more than 60 years of using the system, Norway is set to become the first country in the world to turn off its FM radio network — and others may soon be following its example.

    Reuters reports that the shutdown will begin next week, with the northern town of Bodoe switching off its local network on Wednesday. By the end of the year, all FM broadcasts in Norway will have ended, replaced by Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transmissions that generally offer better sound quality.

    A number of countries have suggested they might also shut down FM at some point soon. Switzerland, for example, has set a date of 2020 for a switch from FM to AM. “Many countries are now looking to Norway to learn,” Ole Jorgen Torvmark, head of a project called Digital Radio Norway being run by national broadcasters to aid the transition, said when the 2017 shutdown was first announced in 2015.


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11 replies
  • Snort McDork (1184 posts)
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    1. OH NO!!!!

  • Diclotican (10 posts)
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    2. Leftcoastmountains


    That is true – and it have been debated if it is smart to do it…  And as one of the first to shut down the whole FM system – it would be a lot of learning by doing – even if I suspect it will be easier than most no-sayers tell it as…


    On the other side  more than 2 million cars, will go mute by the end of the year – becouse of the closing of the FM band…


    • ConcernedCanuk (773 posts)
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      3. You made it!

      Welcome to this haven



      Why is it when we get older, we can remember the tiniest details from our youth, but not where we put our reading glasses 30 seconds ago?
      • Diclotican (10 posts)
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        4. ConcernedCanuk



        Thank you – yeah, in a way i made it here. It looks like a good place to be



    • Art from Ark (1302 posts)
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      5. God dag, Diocletian

      Lenge siden sist. Hvordan står det til med deg?

      • Diclotican (10 posts)
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        6. Art from Ark


        Det er lenge siden sist nå ja. Det går bra med meg egentlig. Litt opp og ned helsemessig, men stort sett går det bra vil jeg tro. Som min mor sa det når noen spurte henne. Beina er ned, og hodet opp…


        • Art from Ark (1302 posts)
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          7. Hei

          “Beina er ned, og hodet opp…” Det er meget interessant :)

          • Diclotican (10 posts)
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            8. Art from Ark


            Jeg tror det har en sammenheng med at hun mente at så lenge hun var frisk nok til at hun ikke måtte bæres ut av døren hjemme – så gikk det egentlig ganske bra.


    • FanBoy (4741 posts)
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      9. what is the benefit? easier for the ptb to monitor digital, what?

  • Mnpaul (603 posts)
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    10. We already have digital FM


    Some stations are broadcasting in both digital and analog. If your radio displays song info, it is digital.

    If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything - Hamilton
  • FanBoy (4741 posts)
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    11. why?