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  • Live and Learn (1506 posts)
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    Now, I have seen it all!

    Study Finds That Conservatives Are Generally More Good Looking 

    Justin Baragona
    14 hrs ago

    In a study published in the Journal of Public Economics, it was found that the general attractiveness of a political candidate correlates to their ideology, and that those on the right in Europe, Australia and the US were overall seen as better looking than their counterparts on the left.

    The research also noted that this was a correlation and not causation. Essentially, attractive people tend to drift towards more conservative political positions because life tends to be easier for them, considering they tend to make more money, and are thus going to be generally more resistant to the type of social welfare and redistribution programs championed by liberals.

    Another explanation the study proposed for attractive people leaning right is that they are usually treated better than everyone else and therefore don’t see the need to make the world more equal for others, finding things to largely be fair.

    More hogwash:> http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/study-finds-that-conservatives-are-generally-more-good-looking/ar-BBy7TD7?ocid=SL5BDHP


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10 replies
  • HIP56948 (1629 posts)
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    1. Oh Boy. I could be wrong but isn't beauty rather subjective? I've dated women

    …that other men have thought were “just OK” looking and visa-versa.  Besides, what the hell would looks have anything to do with being a fair and caring individual?

    Of course, none of this is something that everybody doesn’t know.  

  • Sadie (3051 posts)
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    2. Huh?

    baloney sauce!

      Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
  • NV Wino (2339 posts)
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    3. The author obviously has never seen Mitch McConnell

        Don't blame me. I voted for Bernie and Jill.
    • Lurky Loo (22 posts)
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      7. Was thinking the same thing myself. That old goat is ugly inside and out.

  • Flobee1kenobi (168 posts)
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    4. More good?

    Anyway, in my eyes, its never your outward appearance that makes you ugly or beautiful. Ive seen people that could be supermodels become the ugliest person I’ve ever seen after they open their mouth…..

    • retired liberal (1077 posts)
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      5. You also?

      So I’m not the only one that thinks like that. It’s what’s between the ears that count.

      No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up. Lily Tomlin
      • Flobee1kenobi (168 posts)
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        6. Not even that

        Its what is in your heart

    • Lurky Loo (22 posts)
      Profile photo of Lurky Loo Banned

      9. My ex-business partner was gorgeous but she was a mean drunk and after only 2

      beers or 1 mixed drink one of 3 or 4 personalities appeared….. Joan Crawford (the Baby Jane Joan) or Shirley Temple (virginal at 55), sometimes even the Queen made an appearance.  Even when she wasn’t drinking she was nasty, entitled, arrogant.  Kicked her to the curb years ago, thank gawd!

  • Cleita (1875 posts)
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    8. So how does that explain those who were born into it?

    Look at the British royals. They tend to resemble their horses and dogs.

    • Lurky Loo (22 posts)
      Profile photo of Lurky Loo Banned

      10. I used to wonder why Diana loved Charles yet Charles was so in

      love the Camilla.  Camilla more resembles a hound or ratter rather than the corgis though.  And she never minded coming out of a closet with her trousers inside out.  What a woman!