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Home Main Forums Bar & Grill One of da tings bout ice fishin is needin ta move da hole

  • Scuba (2347 posts)
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    One of da tings bout ice fishin is needin ta move da hole

    Spinning Ice circle, Finnish version

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7 replies
  • ThouArtThat (2792 posts)
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    1. I Have Now Seen Everything – Thanks

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  • ThouArtThat (2792 posts)
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    2. Another Version Here

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    • elias39 (2434 posts)
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      3. But why?

      because it’s there?

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      • StupidRedhead (2248 posts)
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        4. the motor running is gonna scare all the damn fish away

        so really the doofuses are just spinning their wheel.

  • Jan Boehmermann (2481 posts)
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    5. Winter in Finnland is boring….. and entertainment is often alcohol fueled.

  • oldandhappy (2864 posts)
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    6. Cool! Thank you.

    You get up the next morning and your fishing spot is in a new place and the fire pit and your stool are all set in the same places.  I love it.  Just how do you saw that huge round circle?

  • Gryneos (1076 posts)
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    7. He needs to replace his stick-fire with a log-rocket stove:


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