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  • em77 (2507 posts)
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    1. I did not mind CNN being spanked.

    • northernsouthern (927 posts)
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      2. It is the spanker and the fake reason for being spanked.

      Stewart has been the best CNN spanker by far followed by Larry…but Trump attacked them for something they did not do and then resorted to insults and poor diction at best. I am fine when CNN gets called out, but I am also a fan of whenever Shep steps in, by far the best Shep one was where the Fox crew were attacking the people rioting over the police shooting and they asked him where the parents are…he stepped in with an amazing rant starting with I am not sure where they are and lead in to a narrative about the long history of racism in the city. My post is more on Shep and less on Trump losing it or CNN getting yelled out by said person that lost it.

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