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  • bemildred (1687 posts)
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    So what if Russia tried to influence the US election?

    The report of the United States’ top three intelligence and security agencies on the alleged Russian hacking during the presidential election in November has become available for public scrutiny.

    Typically, on the eve of the exclusive briefing on the report slated for Friday with US President-elect Donald Trump, the Barack Obama administration ‘leaked’ it to two select media organs with a view to take an early lead in an upcoming brutal media war.

    It only underscored that what is unfolding is quintessentially an unprecedented partisan war in American politics.

    What comes to mind is Edward Gibbon’s classic work on the fall of the Roman Empire where he describes the Roman era’s declension as a place where “bizarreness masqueraded as creativity.”


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  • Pacco Fransisco (2903 posts)
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    1. I'd rather have Russians interfering than the oligarchy.

    I am L0oniX  Fuck David and his pin head DLC 3rd way herd of goats
    • bemildred (1687 posts)
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      2. I think about Gibbon a lot now.

      I read that whole thing, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” about 15 years ago. Boy it just comes to mind all the time now.

  • zoolook67 (394 posts)
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    3. I really hate to say this but

    Obama is making T-rump look like a statesman.

    Living well is the best revenge.
    • Enthusiast (5369 posts)
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      4. He's only revealing his true nature.

      "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church
  • Koko (2089 posts)
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    5. An interesting read and his cautionary summation at the end:

    After watching Obama’s disappointing hour-long interview with Stephanopolis this morning, in my humble opinion, this summation by M.K. Bhadrakumar has a ring of truth of what may be coming in the future.  Obama’s carefully spoken hypocrisy in the interview was astonishing.  Since I don’t believe he is clueless, I have to believe that he’s on a very tight leash.

    From the article:

    Aren’t there instances where the US tried to bring about desired outcomes in democratic elections in foreign countries? Hasn’t the US overthrown foreign governments that didn’t serve American interests? Doesn’t the US government fund media organs to propagate views abroad? Doesn’t the US intelligence bribe journalists, think tankers and academics in America and abroad to plant ideas and create opinions?

    At the end of the day, therefore, to a foreign observer, all this looks most curious. America’s political class is fighting among themselves with tooth and claw over an issue that is commonplace in the contemporary world, and in that process, their country, the ‘lone superpower’, becomes the laughing stock of the world community.

    If this standoff continues much further into 2017, the centenary year of the Bolshevik Revolution may also turn out to be the watershed year marking the end of the dominance of the United States in world politics. The point is, if the fig-leaf of America’s ‘exceptionalism’ gets torn asunder so savagely and irreparably, the Emperor looks naked.

    • bemildred (1687 posts)
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      7. Bhadrakumar is unusally blunt there, goes right out on a limb.

      Well, Obama’s speech there seemed un-Obama-like. as it has since he went into stop-Trump mode, but I wouldn’t want to start theorizing about it, that way lies madness.

      What I will say is I think this is all to some extent Kabuki, or alternatively that everybody is trying to gaslight everybody else, or alternatively they are all lying their asses off about who they are and what they intend to do.

      The stop Trump people do seem to be running out of time.

    • FanBoy (5700 posts)
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      12. It's my opinion that literally dividing and dissolving the country is the aim

      of the ptb

      • Haikugal (4176 posts)
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        14. Mine as well.

        • FanBoy (5700 posts)
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          16. you're the first

  • leveymg (1494 posts)
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    6. All that once seemed radical and seditious critique of America is now mundane.

    That’s the really astonishing thing about this year.  As the illusions about American exceptionalism and omnipotence are stripped away, there really doesn’t seem to be anything substantial inside.  Despite it’s monstrously lethal technology, the Deep State isn’t even that scary and complex.  The Empire is just empty at its head and heart.

    • bemildred (1687 posts)
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      8. "We have always been at war with Eastasia".

      Orwell knew what he was talking about. So did L. Frank Baum: “ignore the little man behind the curtain”.

      Inside they are little men.

    • Koko (2089 posts)
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      9. Empy of new ideas…

      and resorting to bullying tactics to keep it all propped up.  That’s an interesting theory.

      We still have an awesome military capacity to topple those who we deem “dictators” as we destroy countries for Regime Change…yet, somehow it stopped working at Syria, after the Ukraine overthrow.  Hillary surprisingly lost the election and now its all being blamed on Putin.  If that’s the best the MIC can do then it really does show something may be up that wasn’t apparent before.   Why this had to happen under a Democratic President is a puzzle.  And, why Obama pulled back on the bombing of Syria, in a last minute turn around, which left him open to attacks, is still not answered.

      As the illusions about American exceptionalism and omnipotence are stripped away, there really doesn’t seem to be anything substantial inside.


      • bemildred (1687 posts)
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        10. I think Kerry is right there, it was the British Parliament that stopped it.

        Obama was not willing to go in without the British. Sound thinking there too, prudent, very un-neocon-like. I am more puzzled by what he is doing now, switching sides on the “Putin stole the election” bullshit. He has sent some very mixed messages about the election, and Trump, since the election. “Strange things going on in the bushes”.

        The last week in January should be very interesting, if not before.

        • Koko (2089 posts)
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          13. about "bushes"..

          James Baker was on one of the shows this morning pushing that we needed to be partners with Russia. That it wasn’t good US policy to make them an enemy. (paraphrase)

          I know you meant in the “cover” in your reply, but that just jogged my mind about Baker wanting to tamp down the Russiaphobia since he is an arm of the Bush family.

          Re: The Parliament vote and Obama backing off Syria.  Maybe that really was the stop.  I do know some of the retired General Pundits weren’t in favor of it, either.  After Obama’s announcement to move forward with the bombing, CNN had a Panel Discussion with of some of the better known ones  McCaffrey and Jack Jacobs and another one I can’t remember the name of (who oddly enough were paid media consultants) who were really uncomfortable bombing Syria to remove Assad.  They thought strategically it would be a bad move for our troops.

          That panel was featured late in the day before before Obama pulled back.

          • bemildred (1687 posts)
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            15. Right, Baker is a realist, not a neocon, like his boss G.H.W.B. was too.

            Which means that although he is totally on-board with US world domination and all that, he also knows that the Neocons are dipshits and will never get us there.

            • FanBoy (5700 posts)
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              17. Baker is a long-time operative from a family of operatives

              his realism is all about power

              neocons are all about power too

              peas in the same pod the lot of them

              the pretense of opposition is just that

              bakers g-grandfather founded Baker Botts

              Rice university and the marsh will

              Think howard hughes: he married into the botts and rice families

              For the scion of one of the most prominent families in Texas history, that is quite enough. His great-grandfather James Addison Baker co-founded Baker Botts in 1872; his grandfather “Captain” James Addison Baker brought it to national prominence, founded the precursor to Texas Commerce Bank, was the leading Houston businessman of his era, and proved in court that murdered millionaire cotton baron William Marsh Rice’s will was forged, thereby saving his bequest—and the eventual Rice University (Captain Baker was the chairman of Rice’s board of trustees for fifty years). His father, James Addison Baker Jr., was a leading lawyer and banker in Houston. James III (really the fourth) was raised to be a lawyer and to shun politics.  (Ho-ho)

              from Alabama money… James A Baker was executor of the Marsh will…the Bakers have always been behind-the-scenes guys

              • Koko (2089 posts)
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                18. I guess you could say…

                “he only comes out when the timing is right.”  :-)’s

                Still given Obama’s turn towards “Blame Putin for Dem’s Loss” I’ll take Baker, as deceitful as he is, over Obama at this point in time.

                • bemildred (1687 posts)
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                  19. Baker was right there in Selection 2000, he was.

                  I wonder if he regrets that now.

  • FanBoy (5700 posts)
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    11. “bizarreness masqueraded as creativity”

    I’d say that describes a lot of what’s going on with today’s so-called “creative class”