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  • the bookstore chains that swept over the landscape in the early 80s pretty much wiping out all the mom and pops because they could sell cheaper than we could. But while I was in business, I always tried to keep a backlist of everything published, even if only one or two copies at a time, no matter if it didn’t move off the shelf as fast as I would…[Read more]

  • place, to archive all written knowledge. In the ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt, all ships visiting the port were required to turn over their scrolls and manuscripts on board to be copied by scribes and then returned to the owners. It was for the purpose of pulling together all the knowledge of the known world then no matter how arcane that…[Read more]

  • Books are our cumulative memory and storehouse of wisdom.

    Are we to delete the writings of Pliny the Elder because no one has checked him out recently.


  • ….BUT……I was given a Kindle, and can truly say it has one advantage: night reading.

    It has illumination of the page ( great when a partner is sleeping. )

    Font size can be adjusted ( for those of us who find text getting fuzzier and fuzzier. )

    And background tint can be adjusted to reduce eye strain.

    With all those qualities, it is easier…[Read more]

  • More and more we just cannot see past the next block of code, or even comprehend the flow-chart, of our electronic masters.
    Critical thinking is so last century.

  • Sounds like a tool that could be upgraded to push propaganda and limit ideas that could be hazardous to the PTB.

    Good for the librarians pushing back… except for the punishment part.

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