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A Mother Files Charges After Her Autistic Son’s Mentor Forcibly Baptized Him

  • Deadpool (6620 posts)
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    A Mother Files Charges After Her Autistic Son’s Mentor Forcibly Baptized Him

    (Friendly Atheist)
    By Hemant Mehta

    Having a mentor from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is supposed to be an educational, uplifting experience. Ohio native April Defibaugh certainly thought it would help her 11-year-old autistic son. And everything was fine until her son’s mentor took him to get baptized (apropos of nothing) and held him underneath the water (to his surprise), causing her son to have recurring nightmares.

    She’s since filed a police report calling for criminal charges against everyone involved.


    Read More: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/09/10/a-mother-files-criminal-charges-after-her-autistic-sons-mentor-forcibly-baptized-him

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  • Silver Witch (3658 posts)
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    1. Just not right and totally unfair.

    I am shocked the church did not require the mother’s approval.  So I would sue the church, the mentor and BigBrothers.  I hope she wins.

    You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom. You can only be free if I am free. ~ Clarence Darrow
  • MRM1024 (235 posts)
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    2. No Sense at all

    You would think when the child started kicking and screaming that they would have thought that maybe it was not a good idea? What were they thinking? Just thinking it was the right thing to do because God, I guess.