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There is so much wrong with our tax law

  • Haikugal (4256 posts)
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    There is so much wrong with our tax law

    and THIS really burns…


    We need to tax the church’s, it’s past time to correct this.

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  • Deadpool (6060 posts)
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    1. …

    $71 Billion (the amount that would be gained by taxing churches) could go a long way to helping those children in poverty.

  • so far from heaven (6257 posts)
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    4. Religion is by far and away the biggest

    special interest group in the world.

    Edit: "Bite me" was suggested by Deadpool. What I meant to say is "Hey Deadpool!!!  Bite me."
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    6. First in my target would be Scientology and the Mormon Church

    Scientology got their tax exempt status by bombarding the IRS with letters from their members.  The IRS gave it them to get them to stop.

    The Mormon Church is just one big conglomerate; they own a PILE of land on Kauai including the resort hotel Koloa Landing (at stay at which was in the “gift” bag to 2015 Oscar nominees) .  They import mormons from elsewhere to work there b/c then the church automatically gets 10% their salaries.  They own a majority of Hawaii radio stations; they own Safeway, Albertson’s; Sav-On and other huge retail stores.   Plus they somehow share their tax exemption with certain members like Mitt Romney.

    Off my soapbox

    It's beginning to look a lot like fuck this.