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Would Anyone Object…

  • Treebeard (5 posts)
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    Would Anyone Object…

    …if I were to post Atheist Meme Polls, here in my new home?



    (I still need to figure out the mechanics, but I have the intent)

    Oh, and…

    Greetings and salutations my friendly heathens!


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  • Crabby Abbey (506 posts)
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    1. I wouldn't object but I'm an atheist, so . . . isn't that what this

    group is for anyway?  :D  Bring on the apostasy!

  • DookDook (267 posts)
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    2. I don't mind, but I'm not in charge.

    I also have no idea what an Atheist Meme Poll is.

    And most important, ‘Welcome!’



    • Treebeard (5 posts)
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      5. Concept is that I post…

      …something like:



      And you, along with the rest of the heathens, vote one which one is your favorite.

      • Haikugal (3698 posts)
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        9. I love your polls…if you're the person who used to do them at the Dump.

        Yes, please!!! Very entertaining and informative. Thanks!!

  • Deadpool (4788 posts)
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    3. I don't mind…

    At the moment, this site doesn’t have a poll feature. Polls will be coming in the future.


    -Group Admin

    "I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance - waiting to get into the bathroom." -Bob Hope

    • Treebeard (5 posts)
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      4. Yep, understood…

      …I was thinking of, in the interim, posting 2 separate but simultaneous posts each with a single meme and counting RECs as votes.


      • DookDook (267 posts)
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        6. LOL

        Now it makes sense.  One of my favorites:



        • hifiguy (1432 posts)
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          8. Ain't it the truth!


          Keep calm and brony on!
      • Enlightenment (623 posts)
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        11. Might get confusing if they are separate posts – due to the nature of

        the system, they won’t stay simultaneous for long. :)

        Alternative: Post both in one (as you did above – I like the second, as I would argue “unbeliever” for Jefferson . . . deism, etc, etc) and number or letter them 1.; 2. or A; B . . .
        Let people post to that thread with the one they prefer.

  • mr blur (33 posts)
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    7. Hmmm… like we had… somewhere else? Excellent idea.

    Go for it!

    Reality is not a democracy
  • Treebeard (5 posts)
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    10. Well, it seems that…

    …I am required to make 10 posts before I can start my own topics.

    No worries, in the mean time I will post an image of the day to keep myself amused.

    • Haikugal (3698 posts)
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      12. Nice quote Treebeard. What is that wire thingy on the guy's face?