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Howdie Fellow Cannucks!

  • Beebee (1156 posts)
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    Howdie Fellow Cannucks!

    Nice to be here, eh?

    I was born in Ottawa.

    Lived mostly in Toronto until the early seventies.

    My sisters are in West Vancouver.

    We visit frequently.

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    "confrontation of the self is as important as with others. we have to be ready to be surprised by unexpected rhetoric, or even possible communion, with those previously seen as impossible." NuttyFluffers

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  • Marym625 (13631 posts)
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    1. I still think

    The best thing our country can do is just become part of Canada. Not that they don’t have their issues but I’ll take Trudeau over Clinton or Trump any day of the week

    • ConcernedCanuk (797 posts)
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      2. Hi Mary – Thanks for the Group!

      As far as Canada adopting the USA, I think not.

      Ya think we want the MIC/PNAC gangs more involved with  us than they already are?

      Do we want the USA’s gun culture up here?

      I think you know the answers . . . 

      Yes I have friends in the US.

      Unfortunately, none of them are the ones that run the place.



      Why is it when we get older, we can remember the tiniest details from our youth, but not where we put our reading glasses 30 seconds ago?
      • Marym625 (13631 posts)
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        3. no, those that run the joint

        Don’t get to come. We’ll ship them all off to, well, can’t think of a place that deserves them. Somewhere

        • TM99 (4694 posts)
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          4. Hell let them fight it out in Texas

          with the other conservatives, and we, progressives, can become a part of Canada. :lol:

          When you hear people raising reasoned objections to Trump’s policies and appointments, odds are that you’re listening to the sort of thoughtful dissent that’s essential to any semblance of democracy, and it may be worth taking seriously. When you hear people criticizing Trump and his appointees for doing the same thing his rivals would have done, or his predecessors did, odds are that you’re getting the normal hypocrisy of partisan politics, and you can roll your eyes and stroll on. But when you hear people shrieking that Donald Trump is the illegitimate result of a one-night stand between Ming the Merciless and Cruella de Vil, that he cackles in Russian while barbecuing babies on a bonfire, that everyone who voted for him must be a card-carrying Nazi who hates the human race, or whatever other bit of over-the-top hate speech happens to be fashionable among the chattering classes at the moment—why, then, dear reader, you’re hearing a phenomenon as omnipresent and unmentionable in today’s America as sex was in Victorian England. You’re hearing the voice of class bigotry: the hate that dare not speak its name.  -- John Michael Greer
          • Marym625 (13631 posts)
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            5. There ya go!

            I like it!

        • arikara (848 posts)
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          7. Hades?

          Let Beelzebub deal with them.

          • Marym625 (13631 posts)
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            8. fine by me

            But would they be allowed in? :lol:

  • Haikugal (4140 posts)
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    6. I'm Canadian in spirit!

    Welcome and I’m looking forward to learning about you and what’s going on next door!!