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Task force recommends legalizing mail order, storefront pot sales for Canadians

  • Shlabotnik (467 posts)
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    Task force recommends legalizing mail order, storefront pot sales for Canadians

    OTTAWA — Eighteen-year-olds should be allowed to buy recreational cannabis when the Liberal government launches a globe-leading social experiment in legalizing marijuana next year, a federally appointed task force said Tuesday.

    The age limit — and the hazy science of pot-impaired driving — were among the most contentious aspects during five months of hearings and research, task force vice-chair Dr. Mark Ware told a news conference in the parliamentary precinct.

    The framework report is recommending storefront and mail-order sales to people 18 and older, with personal growing limits of four plants per person and a 30-gram limit on personal possession.

    No other major western country — with the exception of Uruguay, population 3.5 million — has fully legalized and the world will be watching.

    The green light for teenagers helped boost stock prices for marijuana producers on the Toronto Stock Exchange and produced a sharp exchange in the House of Commons, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his government’s policy direction without committing to following all the task force’s 80-plus recommendations when legislation is introduced next spring

    From: http://www.torontosun.com/2016/12/13/task-force-recommends-legalizing-mail-order-storefront-pot-sales-for-18 (I know, the Toronto Sun, and their hockey writers are idiots too. But it was an easy 4 paragraphs to cut and paste.)

    Highlights from the federal marijuana task force report, and the actual report:


    Can’t wait to see how the Liberals mangle this.

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  • arikara (861 posts)
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    1. They already sell it by mail order

    One of the local pot shops has a booming business, they even had a black Friday sale and more than doubled their regular orders.