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5 1/2 hours after I started my system is back up.

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    5 1/2 hours after I started my system is back up.

    One hassle after another. Had to dismantle liquid cooler to get at power connector on motherboard. Then power supply fan started rattling-bad bearing. Good thing I had another power supply handy. Then the new front panel card reader/USB Hub didn’t want to mount right-I’m beginning to hate those screwless case designs. Couple of tie-wraps made it stay put. Then I couldn’t find my Acronis True Image boot disk. Found .iso of same and burned new one. Finally was able to clone boot drive. Now have new backup disk drive if main crashes.

    Only thing that wasn’t a hassle was Windows went and authenticated online automatically.

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    1. Nice!

  • NJCher (1477 posts)
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    2. I've been there

    Know what you mean about the case. Congratulations, though. Now you will have a speedy, clean computer.