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Net Neutrality

  • PADemD (702 posts)
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    Net Neutrality

    Do we still have net neutrality?

    Our local ISP has been having rolling “limited access.”

    Anyone have experience with DirecTV/AT&T internet?

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  • Hobbit709 (1392 posts)
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    1. DirecTV was halfway decent until AT&T bought them out.

    They now have the same level of customer disservice that AT&T provides.

    I had AT&T and before Southwestern Bell DSL. It started going downhill and prices kept creeping up after AT&T took them over. I finally dumped them back in April when I got Google Fiber. Instead of 5.3 Mbps upload and 650Kbps upload, I now have 950 Mpbs down and 960 Mbps up speeds, the same TV channels-and they don’t drop out when it rains, switched my phone to Vonage VOIP and I’m paying $50/mo less.


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  • Marym625 (13793 posts)
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    3. Not really

    And they’ll use this bullshit red scare to justify its complete death