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Good news on the back "front"!

  • Mom Cat (6135 posts)
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    Good news on the back "front"!

    All the pain and immobility has been the result of easily removable bone spurs. It can all be corrected in outpatient day surgery! Feb 6th is the date set. I am so happy. I have been trying for over five years to get to the bottom of all of this with doctor after doctor telling me they couldn’t see anything on the MRSs” Finally, I found a new doctor who was willing to do more tests. He found the bone spurs that were irritating the nerve” After all this time I will finally get relief.

    Lesson learned: Trust your own body.

    Thanks to everyone for all of your personal stories, advice and encouragement.

    My housemate will be going in at the end of January, so we will be having “back to back” surgeries. Wish him luck!

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9 replies
  • goodgirl (2174 posts)
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    1. I am very happy for you!


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  • NJCher (1488 posts)
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    2. it's a relief when you know what it is, right?

    Bone spurs can cause some of the most incredible pain–like plantar fasciitis, for example. Anyway, I’m happy to hear you’ll be better, and hopefully soon.


  • Sadie (3051 posts)
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    3. Wonderful!

    As someone who has lived with Sciatica and the horrible pain/stress that ensues, I am thrilled that you have a plan.  I learned so much from others who have suffered just as we have.  Wishing you success and life sans pain.  

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    • jdpriestly (4394 posts)
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      6. There are some great exercises for sciatica. Check it out on Youtube.

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      • Sadie (3051 posts)
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        7. Thanks!

        I have and am doing well right now.  Hope it never gets to the point that I need surgery!

          Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
        • jdpriestly (4394 posts)
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          8. I have it too.

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  • oldandhappy (2865 posts)
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    4. very happy news

    Lots of hugs and lots and lots of best wishes for Feb. 6th.  We expect a video of you dancing as your mom cat figure is dancing in your sig line.  

  • Silver Witch (3658 posts)
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    5. Yeah MomCat. Good news!!!

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  • Enthusiast (6022 posts)
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    9. That's great news, Mom Cat! Good luck to your housemate.

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