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healing vibes to Sadie's pup

  • Magical Thyme (2820 posts)
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    healing vibes to Sadie's pup

    who is having surgery today.

    May her tumor come out quick and easy, and her healing be speedy! :hug:

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  • goodgirl (1977 posts)
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    1. Yes…good vibes to the puppy.

    They give so much, we must give back to our puppies.  Mine weighs 75 pounds but he is still my puppy.

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  • Sadie (2920 posts)
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    2. Thank you everyone!

    I am waiting to go pick her up.  She had a 2.5 lb tumor.  I am always a worrier, so I won’t feel safe to say an update until I watch her for a few hours myself.  She has grown to be the dearest sweetheart, I hope that I can repay her with love and comfort until she heals.  :heart:

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    • Abakan (2130 posts)
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      3. I'm sorry to see this…

      Sending comforting thoughts for a speedy recovery. When our pets are sick

      we feel just as bad because all we can do it make them comfortable and hope

      for the best.

      My best to you and your pup.

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