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fire starters that are easy and last

  • roguevalley (1198 posts)
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    fire starters that are easy and last

    melt paraffin into shallow containers, small like paper cups with the top half trimmed off. Put a string preferably dipped in paraffin in with it. Then set a pine cone on top. Keep with you as really long lasting, hot and easy fire starters. Poke holes in a coffee can for ventilation and put over them. You can cook meat and anything else on them, they get that hot. Dig a trench around them. Always, safety first. Thanks.

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  • Arctic Dave (880 posts)
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    1. I prefer to use

    aluminum dust + iron powder + magnesium foil.

    Mix aluminun and iron together(small amounts). Stick magnesium foil in center and light with an extended lighter.


    Will start a fire even in wet conditions.


    Warning: creates a rapid release of energy.

  • hopemountain (1160 posts)
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    2. this will work great.

    very cool for heating up water or a cup of soup – thank you.

    i live in the pnw. we have lots of pine trees that drip sap and branches with long drapes of lichen that drop to the forest floor. i collect clumps of both and store them in coffee cans. eventually, i melt the resin and dip clumps of lichen, then set clumps on rocks to air. when they are dried or hardened, i store them in another coffee can and use them for firestarters for a wood fire.  they work very well as longer burning dry tinder.  appreciation to my survivalist nephew in alaska taught me this useful method.

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