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Ah, of course, anyhow

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    Ah, of course, anyhow

    I have been thinking about media failures. It is obvious to me that it is a class thing. It is not in their interest to report accurately.

    Yes it is that simple.

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  • no retreat no surrender (978 posts)
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    1. Yup

    On a national level they just don’t relate to the 99% because they either are already in the 1% or they desperately want to be. They want to pal around with the people they cover instead of having an adversarial relationship. As Jane Hamsher used to say they are the cocktail weenie crowd – the ones who don’t care about real journalism only rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful at parties and special events. They are access journalists who do the stenography for the powerful.

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      3. So many of them are born into the upper class.

      It’s like newscasting is the dentistry of the acting profession.

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    2. It is the problem with "for profit" news

    They can’t run the risk of angering an advertiser. All the investigative reports now usually target individuals and not corporations.

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