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Hillary's Inevitability is Harsh Reminder Our Media & Country is Broken

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    Hillary's Inevitability is Harsh Reminder Our Media & Country is Broken

    Hillary Clinton’s Inevitability is a Harsh Reminder That Our Media—and Our Country—is Broken

    ‘Inevitability’ worked this time, but it hurt our democracy.
    By Walker Bragman | July 6, 2016 | 10:30am

    News recently broke that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted by the FBI over her use of a private, in-home email server which she used as Secretary of State. In spite of the State Department’s findings that she violated the Federal Records Act, and reports that her sever faced hacking attempts from multiple foreign nations like China, the FBI announced it was recommending no charges to be filed against Clinton. At this point, given this announcement, along with Donald Trump’s slow implosion, it has become apparent that Clinton will likely be the next President of the United States (barring a massive revolt at the Philadelphia convention).

    However, the implications of this political moment go far beyond simply electing America’s first female commander-in-chief. A Clinton presidency sets a dangerous precedent that the political and media establishment get to pick the president, and there’s not a thing ordinary people can do about it…yet.


    And the situation is only getting worse. Just recently, The Hill and The Economist announced that they are selling access to their reporters at the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer. This move completely undermines public opinion and empowers the wealthiest in the political establishment. At some point there must be a change or we will lose our American democracy.

    Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as President of the United States serves as the ultimate example of this trend, and a validation of the erosion of the Fourth Estate. What is truly disturbing about Clinton is how little she has tapped into the zeitgeist of the American electorate. She’s promised incremental progress in the face of overwhelming public demand for sweeping changes that fueled the rise of Bernie Sanders, whose support goes far beyond just Democratic primary voters. And yet, in spite of that, she will likely get elected thanks to the influence of corporate media.

    If ever there was a time for a third party uprising, it is now.

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