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Mainstream news is the fakest news

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    Mainstream news is the fakest news

    Am I alone in my opinion that “Fake News” is increasingly the norm on the MSM, and that an intelligent interactor with online sources is more reliably informed than consumers of traditional news media and some “mainstream like” youtube media too.. which seems increasingly co-opted.

    And that generally, sources of online media are far more reliable than real and wanna-be news media, not less?

    I think what’s happening is the bad-state-actors see people increasingly becoming disgusted with the consistently unreliable media, which has such a cozy relationship with them.

    So they came up with their fake news campaign to attempt to discredit online media by planting fake news stories which it hoped would pick up on them. But it hasn’t, really .

    So angry that their fake news trick didnt work, they are lashing out, at those more credible than them, in what is known as pathological projection.

    Basically “the pot calling the kettle black”.  And the MSM, hoping to distract people from the revelations that they worked closely with both campaigns to distort the truth, at different times of the campaign, have continued to lose credibility – Which is unlikely to return because they can’t help it – because currently SIX CORPORATIONS CONTROL VIRTUALLY THE ENTIRE US MSM.

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    1. Who sits down in front of the TV and proclaims….

    I want only small snippets of incomplete news stories with little or no in depth investigation. Please give me the news slanted in order to maximize your advertisers products.


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