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The Sad Decline of VOX: How a Once-Promising Media Outlet Became a Bastion of Ne

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    The Sad Decline of VOX: How a Once-Promising Media Outlet Became a Bastion of Ne

    The Sad Decline of VOX: How a Once-Promising Media Outlet Became a Bastion of Neoliberal Corporatism
    Here’s looking at you, Matthew Yglesias
    By Walker Bragman | August 29, 2016 | 9:50am

    Back in April, the watchdog group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting), put out a story about how VOX, known for being run by former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, published a “glowing” story by Matthew Yglesias, about Goldman Sachs without disclosing a substantial financial interest it had in the financial giant.

    The article, titled, “Why Goldman Sachs just started offering savings accounts for the masses,” included such lines as “What Goldman Sachs has that other online banks don’t is a widely recognized brand name built on excellence in other dimensions of financial services that could help further push internet banking beyond the early adopter demographic.” Though it flew under the radar of the mainstream media, to those paying attention, the piece revealed a disturbing decline for what began in 2014 as a promising new media outlet—a transformation into a source for neoliberal, pro-corporate propaganda disguised as left wing punditry, just two years after its inception.

    It is this trend that has made VOX a reliable mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton, who has relied heavily on donations from Wall Street this election—leading her opponent in money from hedge funds as of July of this year. VOX’s headlines over the past year have reinforced whatever narrative the former Secretary of State’s campaign was pushing at that moment, from the idea that she was representing Obama’s third term to the idea that Sanders’ campaign was unraveling—an idea we now know was directly advocated for by high-ranking DNC officials.

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    1. This is disappointing. They also own the Verge…

    Vox’s “The Verge” site is what does the “Digital After Show” commentary after each new weekly Mr. Robot show on now.  It would be a shame if a neoliberal agenda colors their commentary that one would like to think isn’t aligned with the establishment at all if it is in synch with this revolutionary show’s message.

    Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!