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What media outlets do you use?

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    What media outlets do you use?

    It can be television, online, print, etc. What sources do JackpineRadicals’ members use?

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    1. Articles posted on JPR. Common Dreams. Some Reddit articles. I like TYTs.

    No TV at all and no radio. I am boycotting the entire MSM for their unfair practices and their bias.

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    2. As many as I have time to read

    I view all kinds of different media outlets (mostly print). I check in on corporate media to see what lies are being pushed (CBS, NYT, WaPo, WSJ, Fortune, Fox, etc.). I regularly view the Intercept, Guardian,  Consortium News, Truthout, McClatchey, emptywheel blog, Invictus blog, Shadowproof & Common Dreams. I occasionally check in at Huffington Post. I check on Twitter where I can link to many sources that people I choose to follow have posted. I can also follow various journalist on Twitter (Matt Taibbi, Greenwald, Shuster, Scahill, etc.). I’m always looking for new sources. Recently I found Paste Magazine. They’ve had some really good political pieces. And I get lots of news at JPR. I’m a news junkie and need a fix multiple times a day. lol

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