Terms and Conditions


JackpineRadicals is a private web club and visiting this website or being a member is a privilege, not a right.

JackpineRadicals has full liberty to choose its members. We reserve the right to accept or reject any member signups, remove or banish any member from the site, grant and revoke any privileges to members within the site.

Members who are here for the right reasons and conduct themselves like mature, civilized adults will have no problems.

All content posted on JackpineRadicals by its members can be rejected, deleted, modified, edited by site administration if it violates our community guidelines.

Original content published on JackpineRadicals by its members belongs to Site administration in that members cannot ask that the posted content be removed or unpublished from the site later. If you have concerns about this, please contact the administrators. Basically, we are not going to delete all of someone’s posts and threads if they leave.

Members are obligated to respect our site rules. Your registration serves as agreement that you respect our principals and goals and will abide by our civility rules. That means if you don’t abide by our civility rules, you could see your posts which violate those rules deleted and your membership suspended or revoked if you keep it up. If you have any questions, please PM the admin team. Now that we’ve gotten that nasty stuff out of the way, let’s get to work!