Added Net Neutrality Popup

We just added a net neutrality pop-up - it should only show once per user per day (per IP address) and you can click away. Let us know if any problems... thanks!

New hosting provider

Heads up... we just switched to a new hosting provider (sort of -- long story). Shouldn't break anything, but let us know if it does in Help & Q&A Forum. This move should make it easier for us to troubleshoot some existing issues, and to better prevent new ones. Please beseech your favorite deity(s) on our behalf.

Rollback of WP Edit

Posting issue fixed. Please clear cache if you still have a problem. Send pm to Marym625 if that doesn't work.

Update on weirdness

Update on site issues: (1. replies now need a title *and* something in the message box, 2. certain links are causing strange pop-ups on Apple devices, and 3. Some folks can't type anything into the text box.) Basically, a series of unfortunate events set us back on testing. We'll get to it as soon as we can, and hopefully things can get fixed by this weekend if not before.  More info:

Bad Manny!

Sorry, folks, still some weirdness left over from the other night's server fun... links are a little weird, a few other small things. Please report any issues in the Help & Q&A forum if nobody else has yet.

DU was hacked

A Third-Way web site owned by the husband of She's ex-campaign treasurer was hacked today. As a precaution, we've beefed up security on JPR - at some point, you may get asked a question before being allowed on to our site. Good luck to us all!

Getting logged out?

We thought the surprise logout problem was fixed, but it might not be. Please take a moment and let us know if it still happens to you or not:


Товарищи! Наш план был обнаружен: Мы спешим проявить добросовестность, разместив сайт с тремя белыми парнями, один тайно женился на казначее Хиллари!

Site issues

New hamster wheels put into service last night: hopefully things will be a little faster and smoother now! There *were* some hiccups, but things seem to be OK now. Please log any problems in the "Help & Q&A Forum", thanks!

Site changes

Site will be down for an hour overnight (Mon/Tue) for an hour, some significant "behind the scenes" server changes happening. If all goes well, you'll see nothing different tomorrow except for faster speed and encrypted connections (HTTPS). Not sure of exact timing.