Getting logged out?

We thought the surprise logout problem was fixed, but it might not be. Please take a moment and let us know if it still happens to you or not:


Товарищи! Наш план был обнаружен: Мы спешим проявить добросовестность, разместив сайт с тремя белыми парнями, один тайно женился на казначее Хиллари!

Site issues

New hamster wheels put into service last night: hopefully things will be a little faster and smoother now! There *were* some hiccups, but things seem to be OK now. Please log any problems in the "Help & Q&A Forum", thanks!

Site changes

Site will be down for an hour overnight (Mon/Tue) for an hour, some significant "behind the scenes" server changes happening. If all goes well, you'll see nothing different tomorrow except for faster speed and encrypted connections (HTTPS). Not sure of exact timing.

Bad Plugin

Sorry guys - one of our plugins went bonkers and figuring it out was a pain. Grrr. Hopefully we'll be OK now - let us know in Help & Q&A forum if anything is weird. Thanks for your patience!

Correct the record

Thank you.

Just kidding about the PNAC funding; sorry to scare a few folks!

Just kidding about the PNAC funding; sorry to scare a few folks!

Site will be down for maintenance

JPR will be down tomorrow (Sunday) from 9:00 AM to roughly 10:00 AM Eastern so PNAC can retrain some of our hamsters. Sorry for the inconvenience, but America will be a safer place for it.

Server Slow

Hamsters are beginning to perk up a bit... hopefully site's a little faster now. But not Activity; that hamster needs a triple espresso, we're working on that now!

Update made

We continue to update our technology and training thanks to our huge grant from PNAC. If anything changes for the worse (other than our world view), PLEASE report it in the Help & Q&A forum, thanks!