press pass

JackpineRadicals has been granted a press pass at The People's Summit!!

colossal fuck up

We sincerely apologize for this major screw up. In trying to upgrade and add new features, something went radically wrong. Information posted in Q&A

Apologies for site down

We apologize for the site being down Sunday night. It was human error and won't happen again.

working on it

If you are having login or password reset issues, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

password reset

If you can't login and are having problems with the password reset

New Years

To all, we wish a joyous, healthy, progressive New Year!

From all the JackpineRadicals mods and admins.


All pizzagate CT posts will automatically be removed. Period.

Anyone who continues to post this particular conspiracy theory takes the chance of being suspended.

We’re Winning

The DAPL will NOT go through Standing Rock! Now we just have to stop the entire thing. But YAY!

Dave Matthews and Terry Reynolds

Live stream of Dave Matthews and Terry Reynolds concert standing with Standing Rock


It wasn’t us

There is a massive Denial of Service attack on Domain Name Servers that has been affecting JPR, along with Twitter and many other sites. Check LBN for more info.