Biden is a bait & switch stalking horse.

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He was out by Iowa the last three times he ran, and no rational person would believe he could do better a 4th time. His purpose is not to win, but a pathetic attempt to peel off the “populist” and “working class” voters from Bernie, clearing the path for their true DLC Chosen One, Scamala Harris.

If they suddenly change the date of the Delaware primary, or send out DLC surrogates to claim that the “future of the Democratic party is 70 something aneurysm surviving bank shills with bad hair plugs who sign PNAC letters”, then I would believe the fix was in for Biden.

Biden in 2020 is much like Wes Clark in 2004. Not a serious candidate himself, but a TurdWay stalking horse who is there to steal votes from the ACTUAL serious candidate (Howard Dean, in that case. Bernie now.)

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy