First off, admin or not, the editor will blow me off just like everyone else.

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So Far From Heaven
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We (admins) have no control over how the editor works that you don’t have. Whoever started the myth that admins have super power over the Gutenberg editor should get shot. It isn’t true. Secondly @deadpool and I have been extremely diligent on making sure that no such censorship be allowed on JPR.

That is a cold hard fact. Word usage censorship is absolutely forbidden. We have been going over the entire administrative panel looking for anything that would produce some form of word censorship and make sure that nothing interferes with the ability of our members to type whatever shitshow they want to. I have to go do something real quick and will finish this shortly. It is important and these crazy notions have got to be gotten rid of. So, excuse me for a sec and I’ll get right back.

O-K I’m back. Sorry about that.

I am truly sorry you are having what appear to be insurmountable and totally aggravating problems with copy/paste editing. Claims of some internal word usage censorship are unwarranted and not true. Claims that admins have magic editors are not true. We have enough trouble with just one, thank you anyway. I am trying my best to show how to do so with the least amount of razzle dazzle and complexity that I can. So far I have had zero problems with posting external copied material after spending about ten hours going over the inner workings of the Gutenberg editor and the literal hundreds of issues brought up by site owner/admins worldwide on it.

You can see above where I was able to post all four paras of your article without ever leaving the editor once I copied the paragraphs into my clipboard. And there was zero change in wordage. shitfest is just fine with me. Marijuana is just fine with me. I don’t give a flying fuck what words someone uses.

There are two magic bullets in Gutenberg, the eraser and the text paste clipboard. THe absolute worst case scenario is having to first clear the formatting and then set as text only. Two clicks. Once on the eraser and once again on the text only clipboard once the material has been inserted and is still highlighted. From there I can do whatever I want to with it. Make it bold. Make it purple. Make it italics. Put a line thru it. Indent it. Make it bigger. Whatever.

This issue is not going to go away. The block editor is here to stay. Just like global warming. We either learn how to use it or sometime in the near future we will have a site that crashes just because of its text editor. Just like JPR version 2.0 started crashing because of internal core code changes that were never resolved when they could be in the early stages. If you still can’t post material from a source outside of JPR, just call me or that dreaded Deadpool to it and we’ll help get things sorted out.