Gutenberg is supposed to be html friendly.

So Far From Heaven
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It should recognize links to things like media and youtube addresses directly without any markup required. It may require you to give the direct address of the media. Here is an example. All I’m gonna do is copy and paste the pictures direct address and the url of some youtube video.

Arrrrgh!!! EDIT: this is so messed up even I don’t know what I was trying to say.

So, here I went to the googles and asked for images of the Trumpster. Found one that suits my mood this morning. clicked on the image to see it and then right clicked the image and copied the image. Now I gonna paste it below:

Image result for donald trump

Now I gonna do it again to make sure my edit actually tells you what the f&%k I actually did.

Image result for donald trump

Shit that’s scary. How about a little smaller injection of vitriol this morning? I gonna click on the image after I paste it one more time below, and I’m going to shrink the shit outta it using the corner drags:

Image result for donald trump

Gadzooks. No matter how small I make the piece of shit, it still scary.

EDIT: it would be nice if I could actually do what I said I was gonna do.

Then I found this little gem in youtube, and all I am going to do is coly it’s url here:

Then I gonna post.