I gonna try it and see what the fuck is going on.

So Far From Heaven
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EDIT: that didn’t cause me any grief. SO here is the para;

“So naturally our first thought was: how can we best deal with this shitshow as it unfolds directly beside us, and add a little ever-greenery to a world which, it has to be said, is looking a little bleak right now? The answer was, of course, legalizing marijuana. But with that already having been done, our next thought was: let’s plant a privacy hedge.”

I cheated. did the copy, clicked the clipboard icon with a capital T on it to open a block copy of text only, pasted and clicked delete formatting while highlighted. Then the usual black, bold and two indents. One extra click to set up a firewall against this formatting conflict.

You won’t believe the rash of shit that both WordPress and Gutenberg are getting on this.