I had tried that. It didn't work.

Jim Lane
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I just made an OP with excerpted text: https://jackpineradicals.com/boards/topic/cory-booker-is-building-a-2020-campaign-thats-just-like-him-vegan-hyperactive-and-unapologetically-unconventional/

This time, instead of going through Notepad, I tried your Clear Formatting path.  It was the same result.  I had no trouble posting the excerpt — which, let me note, is the important part.  The excerpt showed up on my screen as Roman, and when I highlighted it the italics icon was not on, but it posted in italics.  I edited to italicize Bernie’s name in the excerpt to see if it would post as non-italic, and thus be a way to emphasize something — no, still all italics.  Then I highlighted the whole excerpt and selected italics.  It now appeared as italics on my screen but there was no difference in the post, where the excerpt was italicized (i.e., reverse psychology failed again).

I guess I’ll have to live with remorselessly italicized excerpts.

ETA: I forgot that the Reply button had moved.  This was supposed to be a reply to the “You could try” post by @sffh.