It is very strange, my apologies cont

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In the editing software there is some sort of monitor for foul language. It may not be for the admins, it is for the members. The group here in ver 3.0 and the previous group in ver 2.0 used this language from time to time, though it was not the main focus of our vocabulary. Now here in ver 3.0, this was presented to you in a thread by your monitors and members, it is happening, I tried it without thinking about it. Also, I do not think it is being used on this board knowingly.

One thing that does seem to be apparent is, the longer the post, the more likely it will fail.

There is a bug in the editing software of this board, now it is showing up with the admins.

The bug just showed up in a simple text only reply. This is why there are three posting to your question.

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