Possible workaround

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First, make sure you have the whole 2-row toolbar above the text entry box. To do so click the icon next to the smiley face.

Second, select the text you want to post from the site (say, offGuardian). Before pasting, click the icon that looks like a T on a suitcase in the lower row on the toolbar, to paste as text. Then paste.

Third, Select the text you just pasted and click on the toolbox icon that looks like parentheses. The whole text block should be indented

Fourth, if you want to link to the article type something (like LINK here), and select the text, click on the icon that looks like a chain, enter the url for the site in the box and click the apply arrow.

That should do it. Sounds complicated but really isn’t after a couple of times.

Note posting replies with no text doesn’t work. have to put something, even a period, in the main text box