Seeing if I can copy and paste from her quoted text:

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Just tried seeing if I could copy and paste some of that language; but I keep just getting my same edit box back inviting me to “Submit” (again and again).

On edit: But with my own text and not the copied text, it works.

I’m going to try another way:

“A few weeks ago, the United Nations voted on a resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity. While the UN resolution was one-sided and problematic in many respects, it recognized that the continued expansion of Israeli settlements undermines the path to peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On January 5, 2017 the U.S. House of Representatives considered H.Res.11 which condemns the UN’s actions, as well as the U.S. government’s decision not to block the UN Resolution.  I voted against H.Res.11 because it represents a one-sided view of the current situation, and undermines a long history of bipartisan U.S. efforts to work through bilateral and multilateral forums toward a two-state solution.

“I know how important our enduring alliance with Israel is. My vote upholds my commitment to maintaining and strengthening this alliance, as well as my long-held position that the most viable path to peace between Israel and Palestine can be found through both sides negotiating a two-state solution. While I remain concerned about aspects of the UN Resolution, I share the Obama Administration’s reservation about the harmful impact Israeli settlement activity has on the prospects for peace.

Ok, that worked.  Instead of pasting directly into the Reply text box, I pasted first into a Text Edit doc and converted it to “Plain Text” format, then copied that and pasted it here.

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