Testing an alternative approach

Jim Lane
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I happened to have open Maurice Ashley’s Wikipedia bio at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Ashley  so let me see if this works:

Maurice Ashley (born March 6, 1966) is a Jamaican-American chess grandmaster, author, commentator, app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker.[1][2] In 1999 he earned the grandmaster title,[3] making him the first black person to attain the title of grandmaster.[4]

Ashley is well known as a commentator for high-profile chess events.[5] He also spent many years teaching chess.[6][7] On April 13, 2016, Ashley was inducted into the US Chess Hall of Fame.

ETA: OK, it did work.  I cut and pasted those two paragraphs from Wikipedia into a .txt document in Notepad.  My experience has been that Notepad obliterates formatting even when I want the formatting kept.  (For example, in this case, the first occurrence of Ashley’s name was boldfaced in the original, but that vanished.)  Then I cut and pasted the Notepad text into my post.

I’ve gotten into the habit of using Notepad or some other text editor to compose every long post (and mine tend to be long).  There’s less danger of losing a lot of work; even aside from the threat of the now-dead Captcha, I’ve occasionally managed to erase my own text partway through posting.  If I’m using Notepad anyway, then this method doesn’t require any extra work.

I don’t like the software turning the whole quotation into italics, though.  In this edit I’m highlighting the excerpt and italicizing it, to see if I can fool the software with a bit of reverse psychology.

On second edit: Damn, the reverse psychology didn’t work.  The software sticks to its guns and italicizes the excerpt even when I pretend I want it to.  Is there a workaround for that?